Media partners

German Klimenko

Director and owner of the Liveinternet company

The company is engaged in developing an online statistics service, its own blogging platform and the MediaTarget system of media and contextual advertising.

Klimenko is the creator and head of the LBE banner system, the TopList counter and the List.Ru website catalog, and the founder/owner of the portal.


1996-2000: Manager, Cheryomushki Branch, Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank.

2003: Created the Liveinternet blogging hosting.

2005: Created the Liveinternet statistics service.

2000-2008: Manager, Kvota Bank.

2014: Chairman of the Board of AllinOne Network


April 2009: The MediaTarget system of media and contextual advertising was launched.

July 2010: Together with Artur Perepyolkin, Klimenko opened the Social Space Fund, an investment foundation for developing Facebook apps. The fund's budget is $10 million.

July 2010: The first rankings of Russian-language Facebook pages were created.

June 2013: Klimenko became President of his Association for E-Commerce Development.

January 2014: The Mediametrics news aggregator was launched.