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The annual Future Media forum is where editors, journalists, media experts, technologists, business people and specialists discuss trends in and forms of media development in the short term.

Scheduled for November 28 at the International Multimedia Press Center, the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency, Fourth Future Media International Forum will discuss how to make journalism more transparent and interactive, the use of digital technologies and their editorial role, and the future of journalism.

The primary points to be discussed:

  • How to create a media company of the future?;
  • Why media have no chance to survive without technologies;
  • Drone journalism and new video news formats;
  • Latest data visualization trends;
  • New-generation media services.

The forum will be attended by leading world media experts and editors, including John Burn-Murdoch, who will demonstrate why the Financial Times is already a media company of the future; David Cohn of an innovation startup, Circa, who will explain in which way this new resource redefines how news is constructed and consumed on the mobile phone;  editor, Video Content BBC World TV/ Inga Thordar, who will clarify what future is in store for video news formats; Lizzie Phelan,  head of Newsroom at RUPTLY, RT's global video news agency, who will focus on the advantages of using drones in news journalism, and others.

The media market's future will also be discussed by representatives of journalists' associations and professional unions from Russia and other countries. Speakers will share news regarding innovations that could change media and new media capabilities. The future of news journalism as a whole will also be on the agenda.

A practical event, the forum will be addressed by a star-studded group of speakers, including authoritative analysts and international media professionals. Future Media is a unique opportunity to get first-hand Western editorial experience and ask questions of concern to the Russian media community.

If you are interested in the latest trends in the development of the global media industry, the media's impact on society, new editorial technologies and the future of journalism, the Future Media Forum is for you.


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